We Help Your Business Grow Traffic and Revenue

Using our Practice Growth Framework, we help increase revenue from Google through short focused marketing “Sprints” without long term contracts.

Cancel Your Retainer And Stop Paying For SEO Work That You Don't Need

Other Agencies told you “SEO is an ongoing process” to lock in to long-term retainer contracts and collect checks, even when they’re not doing any work.

We perform all work in short sprints, in just a few weeks each.

Strategy Sprint

Content Sprint

Links Sprint

Prove Traffic Projections Before You Start Any SEO Campaign!

We use in house solutions to model data from your website and your competitors in order project your potential traffic so you can dominate your market with a clear plan.

Start With A Clear View On ROI!

When you understand the traffic potential for your market you can then project out revenue. And it is rare if ever that an SEO agency starts out with a discussion about ROI and if there is enough traffic in your market to achieve your goal, their number one focus is getting you on a long term retainer and soaking your wallet.

Rank and Track!

Measuring success and failures is key to staying on track, not all campaigns will be winners so you need to know when and how to correct course on the losers, and scale big on the winners.

500% Traffic Increase in 4 months

Fixing the low hanging fruit and optimizing existing content can account for quick wins and long term gains. Once you are ranked, if done right, your site can stay in that range for a long time with just occasional updates.

160% Traffic Increase in 6 months

Even with a limited budget results can be had when you stick to the plan and be consistent. The average concierge surgeon probably does not need this much traffic. Which is also why you don’t need an SEO agency selling you long-term contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sprint is a focused, condensed effort to tackle each major pillar of an SEO campaign. Instead of taking months to complete a task like keyword research, we ‘sprint’ out the work within a week.

There are NO contracts. Each sprint is completed within a matter of weeks, so there’s no need for long term agreements.

Correct, each sprint is completed as a standalone service. However, almost all of our clients hire us for multiple sprints throughout the year. For example, the “growth” sprint is usually completed 2 – 4 times per year to ensure enough content is being created.

The number of sprints needed depends on your website’s current standing, performance and your budget. Most clients use us for 5 – 6 sprints per year. During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many sprints we recommend undertaking.

We charge you a 1 time fee based on the number of URLs on your website. The more URLs, the larger the effort, the higher the price per sprint.

Who is Behind Serpzoom?

Hey, my name is Rob!

Getting results via my practice growth framework is what I do.

Many practices are bamboozled into long-term contracts and it is because it will take 12+ months to rank, when in fact the SEO/web service provider is just really focusing on collecting a steady monthly check.

I knew there was a better way, so I created this service. Where growth is a priority and without long-term commitments.

My best clients could be incredibly successful if only they just had a little help guiding them along the path of making sure they had a strong website and were perfectly positioned to rank in Google.

It’s why so many of them double, or even triple leads and growth after working together.

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